The following testimonials are from past and present NHA Scholarship Recipients:

NHA Scholarship Selection Board;

I can't thank you enough for this tremendous accolade. I'm extremely grateful to be part of such a wonderful community filled with generous and warm-hearted people.

Being a first-generation college student. I can assure you this assistance will get put to good use. When I  joined the Navy. I only dreamed about college and pursuing my degree but now that time has come, and I'm forever thankful I have the banking of the Naval Helicopter Association in achieving my educational goals.

Yours Truly,

Jesse Robinson


NHA Scholarship Fund;

I just wanted to send a quick note of gratitude your way to thank you for the scholarship support. The $2,000 is helpful for any student, but I wanted to let you know it is important to me and supports my research, which seeks to miniature microscopes for disease diagnostics and basic biology tech advancement.

Thank you!

Sandra Kjono


Dear NHA Scholarship Fund Executive Committee;

I  would like to express my deepest gratitude for the $2,000 scholarship. It will certainly aid me in my college endeavors, and I appreciate you choosing me as a winner.

Jacob King


Dear Members of  the NHA Scholarship Fund;

I  would like to thank you for awarding me this generous Jack Brady Memorial Scholarship. I pledge to put it to good use toward completing my education.

Semper Fi

Christopher S. Keane

Gonzaga University

Dear NHA Scholarship Fund;

I  just wanted to write to say thank you for selecting me as one of the NHA Scholarship recipients this year. I feel very honored and am truly so thankful. I am very excited to use this scholarship to pursue an engineering education at Cornell.

Thank you so much again!

Brooke Docherty

Dear NHA Scholarship Fund;

I  just wanted to thank you for the very generous scholarship. It truly means a lot! I graduate in less than two weeks; it is crazy how fast time flies by. I can't wait to continue my education at the University of Virginia this Fall. I'm excited to see what is in store for me and to take on new challenges.

Thank again!

Carson Butler