NHA offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students which range in value up to $4,000 (our 2023 goal)

How to Apply

Online applications are now closed and may be completed online beginning September 1, 2023. New applications close on January 24, 2024. Applications must be completed and submitted with all required documents by January 31, 2023.. This means that New Applications/Pre-Screens close on January 24, 2024. do not wait to submit your application.

Qualify: You are eligible to apply for a 2024 NHA Scholarship if (1) you, your spouse, your parent, or your grandparent is a current member of NHA (Individual personal member such as  Officer, Enlisted or Civilian  categories of active membership; NHA Corporate, Honorary, Institutions, Exhibitor Memberships does not meet this requirement.) in good standing for the last three years since 31 January 2021 or (2) a new NHA Lifetime Member on or after 15 Feb 2020, and (3) you are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree or a trade certificate.  Exemptions:

  • Active duty Enlisted (E-6 and below), with a current helicopter affiliation (stationed in a helicopter or MV-22 squadron or other helicopter aviation unit) and their family members, are exempt from the NHA membership requirement.  A recommendation or endorsement from his/her command is required. 
  • A first tour active-duty O-1/O-2, who is a 2-Year "nugget" member of NHA, and his/her family are exempt from the three-year eligibility requirement.
  • A first tour active-duty E-1-E-4, who is a 2 Year "nugget" member of NHA, and his/her family are exempt from the three-year eligibility requirement.

Apply: Prescreening includes an eligibility check, as referenced above. Before proceeding with Step 1 below, you will need the following information immediately to complete the prescreening. NHA Membership information is available to its members by logging into the NHA website, and viewing their profile. Here are some helpful hints for successfully managing your Prescreen:

  • Do not use a Navy/Marine Corps Internet connection. Use a normal internet connection.
  • Use a laptop, desktop type computer. Do not try to manage this prescreen using a smart phone.
  • Make sure the browser and computer you are using does not have an aggressive "Pop Up Blocker" in use.

Step 1: Prescreen Criteria-Pre-Approval Required Before Application Submittal-Log In and Submit Required Information below: 

Do not begin the application process without this information in hand:

  1. NHA Member First Name 
  2. NHA Member Last Name
  3. NHA Member Number
  4. NHA Membership Since Date
  5. NHA Lifetime Member Number if applicable
  6. If Sponsor/Applicant is: (a) Active-duty E-6 and below with a current or past helicopter affiliation (stationed in a helicopter or MV-22 squadron or other helicopter aviation unit); (b) not an NHA Member, Yes or No
  7. If yes, Sponsor/Applicant Commanding Officer’s Recommendation Letter confirming the Sponsor/Applicant is currently serving in a USN, USMC, or USCG helicopter or MV-22 squadron or other helicopter aviation unit.
  8. Write your proposed username and password down exactly before you start your access creation below.
  9. Lastly and most important, copy down your Applicant ID Number which is assigned to you when completing the Prescreen Application , Applicant Personal Information Section during your Prescreen below. Make sure to write it down and keep it safe since you will need iyour Applicant ID Number to upload LORs and transcripts to your application later.

Step 2: Once prescreened, instructions will be passed to register for an NHA Scholarship account and obtain a User ID, for uploading your transcripts and letters of recommendation and maneuver within the application. You will be able to save, and return to edit your application, before submitting it to the selection committee by the January 31st deadline.

  1. Arrange for an official school transcript sent from your school to: NHA Scholarship Fund 
  2. Arrange for 1-2 letters of recommendation to be written on your behalf.  Your recommender will need your scholarship application User ID to upload his or her letter to the website.  Letters should be written by someone who can comment on your character, work ethic, personal integrity, and potential for academic or professional achievement.  (For active-duty applicants, please have your Commanding Officer send one letter of recommendation.)  Please have a minimum of one and no more than two letters uploaded on our website through our Recommendation Upload page: Click Here.

 To learn more about NHA or become a member of NHA, please click here to apply online or contact NHA Headquarters at (619) 435-7139.


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