The following articles are the bylaws of the NHA Scholarship Fund:

Article I


This corporation shall...   Read More.

Article V

Board of Directors

The affairs of the Fund shall be governed by the parent Naval Helicopter Association... Read More.

Article IX

Fund Staff

An Administrative or Executive Director may be employed by the Fund when it is deemed necessary... Read More.

Article XIII

Parliamentary Procedure

Article XVII


Article II

Objectives and Purposes

The objectives and purposes of the NHA Scholarship Fund are... Read More

Article VI

Scholarship Committees

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairperson of the Board of Directors... Read More.

Article X

Operations Manual

The Scholarship Board of Officers shall have responsibility for developing a Fund... Read More.

Article XIV


Article XVIII


Article III


The primary headquarters of this corporation shall be located in...Read More.

Article VII

Scholarship Advisory Board

The Officers of the Fund shall be responsible for overall operation of the Fund and shall provide a status report... Read More.

Article XI

Scholarship Investment Account

The NHA Scholarship Investment Account and all time deposits... Read More.

Article XV


Article IV


The NHA Scholarship Fund will not have a membership program... Read More.

Article VIII

Officers of the NHA Scholarship Fund

The Officers of the Fund shall be responsible for overall operation of the Fund... Read More.

Article XII


Article XVI