For applicants who have letters of recommendation and transcripts available during this application process, you may upload them in the appropriate area when asked for. Please make sure they have been scanned and converted to a PDF.  Each file must have the applicant last name and applicant ID Number assigned to you in this application process.  Upload only PDF copies of recommendation letters and transcripts please. No images, excel or word files please. PDFs only.

Important: Applicant ID numbers are assigned during your application and if you did not copy down your applicant ID number, please find it by logging into your application and making use of the “Application Review. Applicant ID Number is just under “Date in your Applicant Personal Information Section of your application.

If your letters of recommendation and transcripts are not available make use of the available webpage links to upload them later.

September 1, 2023 thru January 31, 2024

If the login is available, you may input or adjust. If it is not available, applications are firmly closed.  Any questions contact CAPT Todd Vandegrift, USN (Ret.) Executive Vice President, NHA Scholarship Fund