Applications for 2024 Scholarships are closed!

The NHA Scholarship Fund will accept 2024 applications from 1 September 2023 through 31 January 2024. Eligibility requirements are now part of the application.

Criteria includes the sponsor has an Individual personal membership such as Officer, Enlisted, or Civilian categories of active membership.

  1. a new NHA Lifetime Member, living or deceased, on or after 15 Feb 2020; and
  2. a current member of NHA in good standing for three (3) years (since 31 January 2021) Note: NHA Corporate, Honorary, Institutions, or Exhibitor Memberships do not meet this requirement.
  3. you are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.  

Active duty Enlisted (E-6 and below), with a current or past helicopter affiliation (stationed in a helicopter or MV-22 squadron or other helicopter aviation unit) and their family members, are exempt from the NHA membership requirement.  A recommendation or endorsement from his/her command is required.

Nuggets.  A TRACOM or first tour active-duty O-1/O-2, who is a 2 Year “Nugget” Member of NHA, and his/her family are exempt from the three-year eligibility requirement.