The NHA Scholarship Fund will accept 2021 applications from 1 September 2020 through 31 January 2021. Eligibility prescreening is required. Criteria includes: (1) the sponsor  a current member of NHA in good standing three (3) years (since 31 January 2018); or (2) a new NHA Lifetime Member on or after 15 Feb 2020; and (3) you are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.  

Active duty Enlisted (E-6 and below), with a current or past helicopter affiliation (stationed in a helicopter or MV-22 squadron or other helicopter aviation unit) and their family members, are exempt from the NHA membership requirement.  A recommendation or endorsement from his/her command is required.



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3 weeks ago
Santa Rosa County Emergency Management

🌀🌀🌀Wednesday morning #Zeta update from the fine folks at US National Weather Service Mobile Alabama and Florida Division of Emergency Management:
• Tropical Storm Warning
• Storm Surge ... See more

1 month ago

From this Month's Rotor Review:

Lets Do This!

Announcing the NHA Scholarship Fund Community / Squadron / Aircraft Scholarship Challenge!
• Do you think your community was/is the best of all ... See more

1 month ago
Photos: NAS Whiting Field gives flight students a glimpse of its fleet during Fleet Fly-In

Flight students NAS Whiting Field get a closer look at fleet aircraft on display during the annual Fleet Fly-In event.

1 month ago
Helicopter Training Squadron Eighteen (HT-18)

More pics from the NHA Fleet Fly-in

1 month ago
HSC-5 World Famous Nightdippers

On Wednesday 21OCT2020, we worked with the West Virginia Swift Water Rescue Team in order to conduct inland water rescue maneuvers on the Kanawha River in Dunbar, West Virginia.

We participated in ... See more

1 month ago

We are proud to present our Sailors of the Quarter! Congratulations to AWS1 Jonathan Hampton, AO2 Elizabeth Steere, LS3 Joy Guazon, and ABHAN Brittanie Flores! You should all be very proud of your ... See more

1 month ago
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 462

The Heavy Haulers lifted some big guns a few weeks ago - here’s a video showcasing some of what it takes to move the King of Battle around the battlefield.

1 month ago
U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Miami

Big thanks to all of our skilled AMTs and AETs keeping these aircraft flying and getting the mission done! 📸credit: USCG Aux Joey Feldman

1 month ago
NAS Whiting Field

The 2020 Gulf Coast Fleet Fly-In brought rotary aircraft to NAS Whiting Field, Southfield earlier today. The mostly virtual event continues to provide student aviators the forum for information ... See more

1 month ago
Helicopter Training Squadron Eighteen (HT-18)

NHA Fleet Fly-In: The Fleet is in town!

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