2020 NHASF Prescreening for Applicants

Applying for an NHASF Scholarship (https://www.nhascholarshipfund.org/applying-for-an-nhasf-scholarship/)


You are eligible to apply for an NHA Scholarship if (1) you, your spouse, your parent, or your grandparent is a current member of NHA in good standing for the last three years since 31 January 2018 or (2) a new NHA Lifetime Member on or after 15 Feb 2020 and (3) you are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. 

If you meet the criteria above, please email 2020app@nhascholarshipfund.org with the following items of information:

  1. Applicant First Name
  2. Applicant Last Name
  3. Applicant E-Mail Address
  4. Applicant Cell Number
  5. NHA Member First Name
  6. NHA Member Last Name
  7. NHA Member Number
  8. NHA Member Relationship to the Applicant
  9. NHA Member since what date-Enter date when NHA Member joined
  10. NHA Lifetime Member since 15 Feb 2020? If so enter NHA LTM Number

Once received by the NHASF Executive Committee, the above information will  be audited with NHA. If the applicant meets the prescreening criteria in items 5 through 10 above, you will be informed by email and NHASF will provide you a password which will allow you to apply using the link below: