Article V: Board of Directors

Section 1.5.01 Board of Directors: The affairs of the Fund shall be governed by the parent Naval Helicopter Association Board of Directors. The following Sections are germane:

Section 1.5.02 Number of Directors and Tenure: The Board shall consist of a Chairman and fifteen additional Directors. There will be six (6) At-Large Directors consisting of the Chairman and five (5) directors from the general membership. There will be ten (10) Regional Directors comprised of senior leadership (CAPT/CDR) from the active duty, rotary wing community representing the 5 geographical areas in the NHA. A nominating committee, appointed by the Board, will also nominate and appoint new Regional and at-large Directors at the annual meeting. The term of office shall be two years and shall commence on the first business day following approval of the board or when a turnover has been completed, whichever is later. The term shall end on the first business day following the election of the new Director or two years hence from when successor’s turnover has been affected.

Section 1.5.03 Meetings of the Board of Directors: There shall be an annual meeting of the Board of Directors in conjunction with the NHA annual Symposium. A semi-annual meeting shall be held if so desired by the Board of Directors. Additional meetings may be called by or at the request of the President of the Executive Committee or by the majority of the Board of Directors. Those persons authorized to call meetings of the Board may designate any place within or without the State of California.

Section 1.5.04 Notice: Notice of any meeting of the Board of Directors shall be given at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting date.

Section 1.5.05 Quorum: Nine members of the Board of Directors present at any lawfully