These scholarships (below) are in memory or honor of someone. If you and your family would like to donate on the behalf of love one, please click Here.

NHA Historical Society "Mark Starr" Memorial Scholarship

NHA Historical Society (NHAHS) established the “CAPT Mark Starr” Memorial Scholarship in 2012 after one of the naval helicopter community pioneers CAPT Mark Starr who became one of the founding fathers of the Naval Helicopter Association. Even though, he had a lucrative active-duty career as a dive bomber pilot and rotary-wing pilot. Also, he was responsible for the restoring and reopening of the San Diego Air and Space Museum after a deadly fire broke out in 1978.  The NHAHS is proud to honor CAPT Starr each year by giving a deserving recipient the NHAHS “CAPT Mark Starr” Memorial Scholarship Award. Learn more about NHAHS by clicking Here

Big Iron Legacy Memorial Scholarship

Charles Kaman Memorial Scholarship

Charles Kaman was a philanthropist, inventor, musician, technological genius, and an iconic entrepreneur who embodied the promise and the realization of the American dream. He built the world’s first turbine-powered helicopter. Also, he managed to modify the HTK-1 into the world first pilotless helicopter, which controlled remotely by radio. His company Kaman Corporation was a Fortune 500 company in the late 1980’s.  The NHA Scholarship is proud to honor Charles Kaman each year by giving a desiring recipient the Charles Kaman Memorial Scholarship Award.

TELEDYNE Flir Memorial Scholarship

Ream Family Memorial (Perpetuity) Scholarship

Friends of Navy Helicopter Aviation: Dominic Sargiotto Scholarship

CAPT Bill Roop, USN (Ret.) HS-5 Night Dipper Legacy Award Scholarship